If your profile is Kapha

The word kapha comes from the Sanskrit meaning 'that which flourishes in water'. This mind-body type are reliable and loving, making an ideal best-friend, always ready with a hug. Your calm and steady nature makes you can excellent provider and team player. You might be described as a 'quiet achiever'. Physically, you are well-built and nourished, with a smooth complexion and likely to have glossy hair and skin that ages well. You tend to have a slow but steady appetite, love to sleep, and like your creature comforts. You don't tend to thrive in cold, damp weather and may be prone to sluggish metabolism and a lack of motivation - especially if you eat too much sweet food. Physically, you have good stamina and energy levels, with a strong appetite. People may need to watch out if you get a bit 'hot under the collar', especially in summer heat. Out of balance, you may be prone to acid indigestion or heartburn and sensitive skin, and go grey or lose hair prematurely.